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Women's Bible Study Every Monday @ 5:30 MT Click to Join

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Ready to have a closer relationship with Jesus?

Find community and understand your relationship with Jesus

Want to read the Bible but don't know where to start?

Have you ever picked up your Bible and been excited to read it, but don't know where to start? We have too. That's why we've created handcrafted Bible studies for you based on your season of life. We want to take the work out of spending time with Jesus. 

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Invest in your faith and find Christ-centered friendships. Friends who lead you, support you, and cheer you on.  

What our community has for you...

Monthly personalized Bible studies

Men's and Women's communities

Monthly donation for every person who signs up

Weekly Bible verses and journal prompts

New monthly resources: how-to's, healthy habits, advice, and more

Higher Battle welcome t-shirt

10% off Higher Battle store

Worship playlists

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Annual Plan:


(one month free)

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Your membership makes a difference

When you become a member of the Higher Battle Community:

$1 every month goes towards an organization that we donate to each year. This year's recipient is Realities for Children. Click the link to learn more about their cause. 

$1 every month goes towards the members of this community through special gifts and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our podcast releases new episodes each week and helps you navigate anxiety, singleness. trusting God, and so much more. We are always including amazing guests full of so much wisdom. Get excited for season 3 of the podcast coming soon!

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