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With Jesus

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Healing Your Hurt
and Learning to Trust Jesus

Besties with Jesus by Payton Frantz

Besties with Jesus is a 4 week devotional workbook to help you take the steps to grow a closer relationship with Jesus. 


A study that will help you create healthy habits that continue long past the 4 weeks. Create battle plans to hear from God better, communicate with God, learn to trust God, and so much more!

"The truth is, our view of relationships are stained by the good and the bad we've experienced from our worldly relationships. Due to this, our relationship with Jesus might take some extra work. 

- Payton Frantz


Payton Frantz

Payton is known for her uplifting encouragement through her social media ministry as well as in person. She knows how important it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus, but how that can sometimes be tricky. Payton was inspired to write Besties with Jesus to help those who feel like they have to fix their self before they can come to Jesus. She prays this workbook devotional helps to fill that relationship gap and truly make you feel known and loves. 

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